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E3 2015

Falconer084 / Jan 03, 2015
'Mass Effect 4' Gameplay Possible In New Bioware Build: Trailer Release Soon? [RUMOR]
Bioware's "Mass Effect 4" may seem far from an official release date, but recent statements from the game's developers indicate that full gameplay is possible on the current build. It's also discovered that "Mass Effect 4's" world is bigger and more diverse than ever before. Is a long-awaited debut trailer coming soon? Recent findings seem to suggest yes.
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  Falconer084: I'm deleting the Hierarchy soon! If you are a member there quit and join again here!
  Falconer084: I have just opened the Codex up for Alliance members!
  Falconer084: Thanks
  majinstrings: Get well soon...
  Falconer084: Been very sick, hope to be back when strength returns.
  majinstrings: It was very little...mostly conceptual prototypes...but it was something...
  majinstrings: EA conference about to begin...guess we'll find out if ME4 will be announced shortly...
  Falconer084: So close to E3!
  Falconer084: Go to the Shivtr Alliance thread!
  Falconer084: running* too
  Falconer084: Join the Official Bioware Forum and lets get this place runnung again!
  Falconer084: E3 FTW!
  Falconer084: We will be Kierwiny
  majinstrings: Well...not much to talk about, yet...hopefully E3 will change that...
  Kierwiny: We're not that active lately.... and it's making me SAAAAD.
  Kierwiny: We're not that active lately.... and it's making me SAAAAD.
  Falconer084: Where's N7?
  Falconer084: Next gen, and Bioware said that Mass Effect Trilogy could appear on Xbox One and PS4.
  Kierwiny: So uh, Where "ME4" gonna? Next-gen or Current gen? or Both?
  Falconer084: Nope nothing to do with him!
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